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As there are many habitats associated with gardens, please also look at the habitat specific pages, especially those in the Grassland, Freshwater and Reedbed sections (e.g. to find out about creating a wild flower meadow or a pond). There are also important guidelines under Project Planning and Planting and Stock (e.g. see Obtaining and Specifying when buying wild flowers). Be aware there are many companies supplying 'wild' flowers which are not British species and/or may be inappropriate for what you may wish to achieve.

Flora locale training and other events

Creating new ponds for wildlifeWed 14 June 2017,Farndon, Cheshire

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Flora locale publications, guidance & documents on this website

Enhancing gardens as habitats for flower-visiting aerial insects (pollinators): should we plant native or exotic species?   Andrew Salisbury , James Armitage , Helen Bostock , Joe Perry , Mark Tatchell and Ken Thompson (August 2015)
Green infrastructure   Restoration Library Master Page
Mowing   Master page in the Restoration Library
UK Green Building Council   Building and biodiversity portal and other resources relating to sustainable construction.

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Case Studies on Flora locale's website

Denbighshire butterfly garden external web site Funding for nectar-rich garden in social housing project
Our Green SpaceImproving management of rural greenspace

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Wildlife Gardening Forum A new website launched in 2014, acting as a focal point for wildlife gardening info.
Garden biodiversity forum Although this website isn't updated any more it contains some useful resources.
Wildlife gardening (N Ireland): wildflower meadows
Natural England booklets on wildlife gardening
Wildflower meadows: How to create one in your garden
Wildlife gardening with Jenny Steel
Wild about gardens RHS & The Wildlife Trusts
The Big Wildlife Garden RHS & The WIldlife Trusts
The Pollinator Garden practical advice on different types of wildflower meadows in gardens
Nature garden in Dorset A very useful personal blog with resources and advice on creating nature-rich gardens (Peter Orchard)
Enhancing gardens as habitats for flower-visiting aerial insects (pollinators): should we plant native or exotic species? Andrew Salisbury, James Armitage, Helen Bostock, Joe Perry, Mark Tatchell and Ken Thompson.

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