Bloom and grow wildflower meadow project Derker, Oldham 2011

Abbotsford Road July 2011
County: Lancashire
Nearest town or settlement: Oldham
Contact details
Contact name: Jane Downall
Organisation: Oldham Borough Council
Email: jane.downall@oldham.gov.uk
Tel: 0161 770 1158
Project description
Unsightly areas were left when a development project came to a halt due to the economic downturn. Oldham Borough Council has worked with the local community and schools to create wildflower meadows. The effect of the meadows in brightening up the area, injecting colour and life into previously derelict spaces, was commented upon by many of the local people; that the space is now vibrant and cared for brings positivity and hope to an area much perceived to be otherwise neglected. The overwhelming success of the project is underlined by the 95% approval rating amongst local people; who also want to see the project extended to other sites. A full report can be downloaded here

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