Carbon accounting tools

This is a list of carbon accounting tools related to land and water management that we are currently aware of. As this science is fast developing, we would be grateful for information on any updates  to this page, including links to new carbon accounting tools. Please notify info at floralocale.org. We are particularly aware that some of the calculators do not yet fully address wider sequestration issues, e.g. associated with extensive livestock keeping. The latter has been the subject of some discussion on the Nibblers forum. Several members of this group have critiqued findings from the EBLEX Roadmap, tested calculators and found them wanting.


Cool Farm Tool (Cool Farm Institute)

Carbon Accounting for Land Managers (Country Land and Business Association)

Sheep Carbon Footprinting Tool (EBLEX, UK)

Carbon footprinting - E-CO2 Project (A really useful presentation about carbon footprinting for the livestock industry that includes background on C footprinting methodology)

Forests and woodland

The Woodland Carbon Code (Forestry Commission)

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