Creating new ponds for wildlife

Training Programme

Group by pond ® Julia Drage
Time/date of training: 10.00 am - 4.00 pm, Wed 14 June 2017

Location: Farndon, Cheshire

Facilitator: Julia Drage


Course description:
This workshop will discuss the construction of nine new ponds, demonstrate the species diversity of invertebrates and plants, and provide population estimates for the four species of amphibians that depend on open water to complete their life cycle. There will be discussion of the mistakes made during construction, the machinery used and costs. Short videos clips and photographs will be shown in the classroom of the work undertaken.

Course status: open for bookings

Fee: £100.00 / £75.00   Concessions are available for employees and volunteers with charities, parish councils, fulltime students and those not economically active

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