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General & schemes

Many other pages on this site have information about managing and restoring habitats on farmland, so see specific habitat and species pages for details of those. You might also like to look at the agroecology, agroforestry, food and farming page where there are links to many other resources on ecological food production, Grazing and pastoralism and Diffuse pollution pages - the latter has links to practical guidance and other resources relevant to reducing diffuse pollution from agricultural runoff.

Flora locale training and other events

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Flora locale publications, guidance & documents on this website

Carbon accounting tools   (Compiled by Flora locale)
Food, farming and conservation - report of seminar   Report of seminar (Flora locale and British Ecological Society, 2009)
Food, farming and conservation - issues overview   Introductory slides to seminar (Sue Everett, Flora locale, 2009)
Enhancing the floral diversity of semi-improved grassland Advisory Note   (Flora locale, 2005) Printed copies available (email info@floralocale.org)
Maniffesto ar gyfer dolydd byw cymru   Manifesto for the wild meadows of Wales (Flora locale, 2008) Printed copies available (email info@floralocale.org)
Grazing for wild plants and biodiversity; a Flora locale advisory note   (Flora locale, 2010) Printed copies available (email info@floralocale.org)
The Grazing Advice Partnership (GAP)   The GAP website provides resources (information, discussion forum, case studies) about extensive grazing of high-value nature land, including wood pastures, heath & moor, grasslands and coastal habitats.
UK National Ecosystem Assessment   A major analysis of the state of UK ecosystems, the benefits provided by the UK's natural heritage and options for the future.

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Case Studies on Flora locale's website

Restoring wildlife on farmsexternal web site Case studies and information

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Current grant schemes across the UK for farmers, including for supporting nature-friendly farming, reducing diffuse pollution and protecting heritage features
Wales: Glastir - The Wales scheme for supporting sustainable land management (Welsh Government)
Scotland: Rural Development Contracts - Land Managers Options (Scottish Government)
Northern Ireland Countryside Management Scheme (Dept. Agriculture & Rural Development)
England: Countryside Stewardship (on gov.uk)
Grants for farmers Links to grants available across the UK - regularly updated (National Farm Research Unit)
Other guidance, forums, etc.
Trees on dairy farms: Who benefits; how significant a role can trees have and what can be done about it? Woodland Trust, 2013
Benefits of trees on livestock farms Woodland Trust, 2012
Farmlandwildlife website: helping you to help wildlife on your farm
Environmental Stewardship: illustrated guides (ponds, rivers, grassland, historic features, arable plants, etc.) (Defra/RDS, 2005)
UK Agriculture (independent website about British food and farming run by The Living Countryside Charity)
CAP2020 Debating reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (IEEP)
Food and farming Pages on the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs website (England)
The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust : conservation and management guides for game species and their habitats on farmland (e.g. Grey Partridge, Black Grouse, Hare
Guidance on habitat options for Environmental Stewardship (GCWT, 2013)

Managing farmland for birds

Farmland birds (Links to info on species page on Flora locale's restoration library)
Farming for wildlife in Wales: Arable crops for livestock farms RSPB, Farming Connect, FWAG, GCWT & Countryside Council for Wales)
Farming & crofting for wildlife: Arable field margins (Scotland) (RSPB, Scottish Agricultural College, Scottish Natural Heritage & NFU Scotland)
Farming & crofting for wildlife: Beetle banks (Scotland) (RSPB, Scottish Agricultural College, Scottish Natural Heritage & NFU Scotland)
Farming & crofting for wildlife: Conservation headlands (Scotland) (RSPB, Scottish Agricultural College, Scottish Natural Heritage & NFU Scotland)
Farming for wildlife in Wales: Wildlife cover crops RSPB, Farming Connect, FWAG, GCWT & Countryside Council for Wales)
Farming for wildlife in Wales: Bird feeding stations
Farming for wildlife in Wales: Over-wintered stubble & spring-sown cereals
Farming for birds: Farm buildings
Farming for birds: Bird feeding stations

Farming and wildlife charities
The Countryside Restoration Trust (a charity dedicated to wildlife-friendly farming)
Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF)

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