Habitats: Freshwater

Ponds, ditches, lakes and canals

Flora locale training and other events

Creating new ponds for wildlifeWed 14 June 2017,Farndon, Cheshire
Pond creation and conservationWed 05 July 2017,Oxford, Oxfordshire

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Flora locale publications, guidance & documents on this website

Buying native flora Advisory Note   (Flora locale, 2005) Printed copies available (email info@floralocale.org)
Go native: Planting for biodiversity. Guidelines for planting projects.   (Flora locale, 2008) Booklet. Printed copies available (please email info@floralocale.)
Planting near watercourses Advisory Note   (Flora locale, 2006) Printed copies available (email info@floralocale.org)
Sustainable drainage (SUDS) and created wetlands   Restoration Library Master Page
UK National Ecosystem Assessment   A major analysis of the state of UK ecosystems, the benefits provided by the UK's natural heritage and options for the future.

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Case Studies on Flora locale's website

Islington Ecology Centre and Gillespie Park LNRUrban park with wetland, deciduous and evergreen mixed woodland, hedgerows and summer meadows
Wildflowers of Mann ProjectA project to promote and protect Manx wildflowers
Wetland Vision for Englandexternal web site Strategic project for wetlands
Restoring wildlife on farmsexternal web site Case studies and information
Nature after Mineralsexternal web site Quarry site restoration: case studies & advice
Million ponds projectexternal web site Pond creation
Our Green SpaceImproving management of rural greenspace
Levenhall Links, E LothianHabitat creation: Flower-rich hay meadows, lagoons for waders

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Pond creation toolkit (Freshwater Habitats) See also the rest of Freshwater Habitats - formerly Pond Conservation - website for all aspects of pond management and conservation, pond plants & animals, etc.
Pond Advice Centre offers advice on Pond management and planting
Design & creation of open freshwaters on mineral sites After Minerals website. See other areas of the website for creation of associated wetland habitats.
Control of algae with barley straw (CEH Centre for Aquatic Plant Management, Information Sheet 1, 2004)
Algae control with barley straw (William Lynch, Ohio State University factsheet, 2002)
Ponds of high wildlife value (Defra, 2005) Environmental Stewardship Guidance. Illustrated guidance aimed at farmers.

Farmland advice sheets Buglife (2016) has information sheet on managing ponds and ditches for invertebrates such as pond snails and mud beetles. Information sheets on management practices for these species aimed at farmers.
Dig a Pond for Dragonflies & Managing Habitats for Dragonflies (British Dragonfly Association)

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