Glen Finglas

Aerial view of Glen Finglas © WTPL
County: Stirling
Nearest town or settlement: Trossachs National Park
Contact details
Organisation: Woodland Trust
Email: Conservation@woodlandtrust.org.uk
Project description

The long-term vision for Glen Finglas is to create a dynamic ecosystem of wooded areas and open ground, managed as a wood pasture system. Tree cover and open areas will be allowed to expand and contract over time, in response to natural processes, and as long as the overall value of the habitat is maintained.

The Woodland Trust acquired Glen Finglas in 1996, inheriting one of the largest commercial sheep farms in Europe. By 2050 the vision is for 1025 ha of the estate to be native woodland of varying stocking density, from closed canopy woodland to open wood pasture, with sub-montane scrub at the tree line.For a detailed report click here

In 2014 cattle have been introduced to graze areas of newly established woodland. The cattle cause minimal damage to young trees and the hooves help to break up the ground making space for seeds to take root and become established. Using cattle in woodland regeneration

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