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Flora locale training and other events

Creating and managing wild flower meadows for pollinatorsWed 28 June 2017,Morpeth, Northumberland
Scything and grassland managementThu 15 June 2017,Bath, Avon
Seed mixes for grassland restoration and managementThu 07 September 2017,Flitcham , West Norfolk

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Flora locale publications, guidance & documents on this website

Managing recently created grasslands Advisory Note   (Flora locale, 2005) Printed copies available (email info@floralocale.org)
Grazing for wild plants and biodiversity; a Flora locale advisory note   (Flora locale, 2010) Printed copies available (email info@floralocale.org)
Manifesto for the Wild Meadows of Wales   Flora locale, 2008. Printed copies available (email info@floralocale.org)
Organisations (Grasslands)   Organisations concerned with grassland management, conservation and restoration
Hay meadows   (Sue Everett for Flora locale, 2006)
Restoring wildflower grasslands in Wales Advisory Note   (Flora locale, 2007) Printed copies available (email info@floralocale.org)
UK National Ecosystem Assessment   A major analysis of the state of UK ecosystems, the benefits provided by the UK's natural heritage and options for the future.

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Case Studies on Flora locale's website

Wakefield Tree Wardens Voluntary GroupWild Flower Plug Plant Project with community involvement
Floodplain Meadows Partnershipexternal web site Case studies, research, management, ecological info on floodplain meadows

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Investigation into policies affecting Europe's semi-natural grasslands (European Forum for Nature Conservation and Pastoralism)
UK Biodiversity Priority Habitats (UKBAP on National Archives)
Grasslands in Scotland (Scottish Natural Heritage)
Summary descriptions of National Vegetation Classification grassland & montane communities (Joint Nature Conservation Committee)
Key to identifying grasslands of biodiversity value (See pp 61-70, Farm Environment Plan Handbook , Natural England, 2011)
Upland meadows & enclosed pasture (Ch. 7, Upland management handbook, English Nature et al. via Natural England Publications )
Machair grassland (Scottish Natural Heritage)
Lowland calcareous grassland (North East Biodiversity Forum)
Upland calcareous grassland (North East Biodiversity Forum)
Meadows & pastures in Wales (Countryside Council for Wales)
Lowland meadows & pastures in Northern Ireland (Flora of Northern Ireland)
Mesotrophic grasslands  (British Plant Communities - Wikipedia)
Calcicolous grasslands (British Plant Communities - Wikipedia)
Calcifugious grasslands and montane communities (British Plant Communities - Wikipedia)
Guide to Floodplain Meadows on the Floodplain Meadows website

Illustrated guides (Natural England ): Grassland condition (snipe, lapwing, plants & animals); Lowland chalk and limestone grassland; Purple moorgrass and rush pasture; Managing lowland wet grassland for snipe; Managing neutral pasture for wildlife.
Keys to identifying habitat and potential habitat for lowland and upland breeding waders (see pp 85-89, Farm Environment Plan Handbook, Natural England, 2011)
A review of the invertebrates associated with lowland calcareous grassland: ENRR512 (English Nature, 2003)
Distribution, status and conservation of Alopecurus pratensis Sanguisorba officionalis floodplain meadows in England: ENRR249 (English Nature, 1997)

Making space for grasslands at a landscape scale Report of a meeting of the UK Grasslands Forum in 2012
European Forum for Nature Conservation and Pastoralism
Lincolnshire Grazing Marsh project A leading project in coastal grazing restoration

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