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Grassland creation and floral enhancement

This page will link you to a wide variety of information on how to create grasslands of all types, whether new wildflower meadows or wet pastures for breeding waders. If you are particularly interested in creating a new wildflower meadow in a small area then look out for the external links that are asterisked (*) as well as Flora locale's own guidance. Always remember that from bare ground it is vital to eradicate weeds in the seed bank first, that it will take up to two years to see the results, and that frequent cutting during the first year is essential. A suitable management regime of mowing and/or grazing will be needed thereafter. Take particular care when buying seed - refer to Flora locale's British and Irish Flora Suppliers List and our guidance Buying Native Flora.

Flora locale training and other events

Seed collecting and use for restoration and re-introductionWed 19 July 2017,Wakehurst Place , Sussex
Seed mixes for grassland restoration and managementThu 07 September 2017,Flitcham , West Norfolk

If you would like to suggest a new training event for this topic then please let us know.

Flora locale publications, guidance & documents on this website

Buying native flora Advisory Note   (Flora locale, 2005) Printed copies available (email info@floralocale.org)
Enhancing the floral diversity of semi-improved grassland Advisory Note   (Flora locale, 2005) Printed copies available (email info@floralocale.org)
Managing recently created grasslands Advisory Note   (Flora locale, 2005) Printed copies available (email info@floralocale.org)
Go native: Planting for biodiversity. Guidelines for planting projects.   (Flora locale, 2008) Booklet. Printed copies available (please email info@floralocale.)
Sowing wild flora seed Advisory Note   (Flora locale, 2005) Printed copies available (email info@floralocale.org)
Wild plants and your village green   (Flora locale, 2005) Printed copies and poster available (email info@floralocale.org).
Wild meadows and bumblebees Advisory Note   (Flora locale and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, 2010) Printed copies available (email info@floralocale.org)
Spreading hay Advisory Note   (Flora locale, 2005) Printed copies available (email info@floralocale.org)
Cynlluniau Amaeth-amgylchedd a Dolydd Byw Cymru Papur Trafod   Welsh wild plants for landscape and biodiversity. Seminar Report. Flora locale 2009
Grassland and fodder species seed   Authorisation and licensing requirements
Grazing, livestock & pastoralism   page on this website
Seeds of destruction   (John Akeroyd for Plantlife, 1994)
Wild flower seed harvesting from grasslands   (English Nature et al, 2000)
Sourcing native flora (Flora locale guidance note)   Where you should source your plants and seed from
Restoring wildflower grasslands in Wales Advisory Note   (Flora locale, 2007) Printed copies available (email info@floralocale.org)

If you have a suggestion for a document or guide that would be useful for this topic then please let us know.

Case Studies on Flora locale's website

Meadow linksCreating wildflower superhighways with community involvement
Hagge Wood TrustNatural capital assessment of Hagge Wood Trust
Wakefield Tree Wardens Voluntary GroupWild Flower Plug Plant Project with community involvement
Masons FieldUrban meadow restoration
NectarworksRestoration of flower-rich hay meadows for bumblebees and other pollinators
Forest of Bowland hay time projectmeadow creation and restoration
Meadow Life - Cumbria's hay meadow projectA meadow restoration project working with farmers and smallholders
Wallasea Island coastal wetland restorationSoil from London's Crossrail project is being used to create Europe's biggest artificial nature reserve at Wallasea Island.
Top Field - Portsdown HillReversion of an arable field to calcareous grassland
Wildflowers of Mann ProjectA project to promote and protect Manx wildflowers
Great Fen Projectexternal web site Wetland creation & restoration on a large scale
MinsmereReverting arable land to heath & acid grassland
Floodplain Meadows Partnershipexternal web site Case studies, research, management, ecological info on floodplain meadows
Dartmoor haymeadows project, DevonGrassland restoration using green hay
Hurst Water Meadow, Berkshireexternal web site Flower-rich meadow restoration
Restoring wildlife on farmsexternal web site Case studies and information
Nature after Mineralsexternal web site Quarry site restoration: case studies & advice
Toome by-pass, County AntrimNative wild flower & trees propagation & planting
Black Bank meadow creation, NorthumberlandFlower-rich grassland creation
Northumberland National park, Seeding ChangeFlower-rich grassland restoration
The Battlefield, Tyne Riverside Country ParkWoodland and flower-rich grassland creation
MAGical meadowsMagnesian grassland restoration
Our Green SpaceImproving management of rural greenspace
North Pennines Hay TimeHay meadow management & restoration
Peak District Vision for Wildlife Tree, heather & meadow seed collection
Elsea Park, LincolnshireHabitat creation for new urban development
Flora locale: Wild meadows of WalesEncouraging the restoration of flower-rich grassland
Gwent Grassland Initiative/Menter Glaswelltir GwentFlower-rich grassland restoration
Caerphilly lowland neutral grassland action plan external web site Biodiversity Action Plan for species-rich grassland
Arable reversion, North NorfolkFlower-rich grassland creation
Museum of East Anglian Life wild flower projectHay meadow creation, arable wild flower propagation
Chalk grassland creation, BerkshireWild flower meadow creation on chalk downland
Sheepdrove rare butterfly projectWild flower planting & downland creation/restoration for butterflies
Thatcham allotment meadowWild flower enhancement of urban greenspace
Holtspur Bottom, BuckinghamshireChalk grassland restoration for butterflies
Weald Meadows Nectar NetworksWeald Meadows Nectar Networks
M3 Twyford Down, HampshireChalk grassland creation
Magdalen Hill Down extension, WinchesterChalk grassland creation/management on urban fringe
Samphire Hoe (Channel Tunnel)Coastal habitat creation
Lydden Hill, KentHarvesting/spreading seed rich hay from road verge NR
Avon wildflower grasslandsexternal web site Wildflower grassland restoration
Badock's Wood, BristolUrban greenspace community project (flower-rich grassland creation, woodland and more)
Devon Culm grassland restorationGrassland management/restoration
Carrymoor, Somerset: Habitat creation after landfillFlower-rich grassland creation, wildflower collection, Somerset willow cultivation, orchard
RSPB Winterbourne Downsexternal web site Chalk grassland re-creation
Howmore road widening project, S UistMachair grassland seeding
Biodiversity Banks, South LanarkshireWild flower meadow creation on urban greenspace
Levenhall Links, E LothianHabitat creation: Flower-rich hay meadows, lagoons for waders

If you are aware of a project that would be a good Case Study for this topic then please let us know.

Wildflower grassland creation: ground preparation, seed sowing and aftercare  (Emorsgate Seeds 2011)
Wildlife gardening: wildflower meadows (Department of the Environment Northern Ireland)
These publications from Natural England are currently accessible by typing the document name into an internet search engine (March 2015)or to purchase from the Agricultural Document library (Adlib):
Wildflower meadows: how to create one in your garden; Sward enhancement: diversifying grassland by spreading species-rich green hay (TIN063); Arable reversion to species-rich grassland: Site selection and choice of methods (TIN066); Arable reversion to species-rich grassland: Early management of the new sward (TIN068); Arable reversion to species-rich grassland: Establishing a sown sward (TIN067) (Rural Development Service, 2004); Seed sources for grassland restoration and re-creation in environmental stewardship (TIN038); Selecting indicators of success for grassland enhancement (TIN050); Sward enhancement: choice of methods (TINa062)
Sward enhancement: diversifying grassland using pot-grown wild flowers or seedling plugs (TIN065); Sward enhancement: diversifying grassland by oversowing and slot-seeding (TIN064); The use of yellow rattle to facilitate grassland diversification (TIN060)
The Wildflower Handbook: Guidance on the selection, sowing and planting of wildflowers for highways (Highways Agency, etc, 1993)
Establishing lowland dry acid grassland on mineral sites (After Minerals)
Establishing lowland calcareous grassland on mineral sites (After Minerals)
Establishing upland calcareous grassland on mineral sites (After Minerals)
Creating & restoring coastal and floodplain grazing marsh (After Minerals)
Case Studies on the After Minerals website
Dartmoor Hay Meadow: How to create your own (using seed rich hay bales) (Author: Dartmoor National Park Authority)

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