Habitat for newts and reptiles

County: Essex
Nearest town or settlement: Stanford-le-Hope
Contact details
Organisation: Thomson Habitats
Email: enquiries@thomsonhabitats.com
Tel: 01483 466066
Website: www.thomsonhabitats.com
Thomson Ecology
Project description

As part of the London Gateway project, which is situated on the North bank of the Thames Estuary, Thomson Habitats turned 30 hectares of open land into habitat for newts and reptiles.

Developers are turning the area into a large deep sea port which will be, when completed at the end of 2013, Europe's largest logistics park. The habitat that we created there forms part of the largest ecological project in Europe.

The habitat was intended for the newts and reptiles which we helped our sister company, Thomson Ecology, move from the areas of the site which were under development.
We created 24 ponds in various sizes and shapes, and planted several species of aquatic plants, built hibernacula for newts and reptiles to shelter in and bask on, and planted over 12,000 trees.
To find out more about how we created the habitat and its features, please see our website for details.

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