Masons Field

County: Greater London
Nearest town or settlement: London Borough of Brent
Contact details
Contact name: John Barrington
Organisation: Barn Hill Conservation Group
Website: http://www.bhcg.btck.co.uk/
Heritage Lottery Fund, Brent Council
Project description

Restoration of the meadow at Masons Field, Fryent Country Park, within
the London Borough of Brent, is described in this guide. Hay meadows are
comprised of an intricate range of grasses and other plants which in turn
support a diverse wildlife. Ideally, hay meadows are cut and harvested for hay
during the summer. Restoration of Masons Field has provided an opportunity
to recreate a type of grassland that was present here in the past.

Restoration of the meadow at Masons Field involved:
- Preparatory works of rubbish removal, scrape creation,
and Ragwort pulling.
- Planting using seeds, green hay, plugs, and bulbs.
- Management techniques including cutting, hay harvesting,
aftermath cutting and harrowing

A full report can be accessed here

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