Restoration of caer carreg y fran

County: Gwynedd
Nearest town or settlement: Bangor
Contact details
Contact name: Dr Carol Michael
Organisation: Phytorigins
Email: carol.michael@phytorigins.com
Tel: 07885286989
Project description

Caer Carreg y Fran is a listed monument which had become completely over grown with bracken and brambles and gorse. The land around this private iron age fort has been restored to a deciduous woodland area, pasture land and upland area. Now grazed by a herd of native welsh mountain ponies with local plants shrubs and herbage to benefit their health and nutrition.

Over the last 5 years the gorse has been controlled by cutting and removing it by hand from the site (burning isn't allowed) and the bracken has been controlled by spraying and cutting. Gradually a set of small stone walled fields became apparent around the base of the granite outcrop, these have been seeded using seeds grown from certified stock from IBERS at Aberystwyth University and natural grass species such as sweet vernal, creeping bent and red fescue grow together with numerous self seeded wild plants such as meadow sweet, self heal, rock roses and many more. The woodland area now has shamrock and other unidentified as yet succulents growing on the rocks under the trees. Higher up bull grass grows together with sedge, gorse(which we now cut for the horses to eat) heather and wild blueberries to make the ideal habitat for a grazing herd of native ponies. This project is now part of Bangor Universities Wise network and Beacon(plants to Products) and has recently won an impact and innovation award.

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