British and Irish Flora Suppliers List

Orchard trees

This is a list of businesses which produce and/or sell plants and/or seed of British and Irish Flora, some of which have adopted Flora locale and Plantlife's Code of Practice, indicated by the Flora local accreditation logo symbol. Owing to popular demand, the list is also being expanded to include suppliers of traditional varieties of orchard trees (while the general principles laid out in the Code of Practice may still apply, the Code has not been updated to include this category of stock). Inclusion of companies and suppliers on this list is at the discretion of Flora locale. By using this list it will be deemed that you understand the conditions described in the Disclaimer and information page. To apply for inclusion on the Suppliers List please email us.

For further information on collecting, buying and sourcing native flora, including licensing requirements for plant or seed collection from the wild, go to the Planting and Stock pages.  Specific guidance is also published in the Flora locale Advisory Note Buying native flora and in Go Native! Guidelines for planting projects.

An individual company name may be clickable to provide access to an individual web page that provides more detailed information about that supplier's services and products.

Name & contact detailsFlora local accreditation logo Stock typeOriginFurther details
EcoSeeds Ltd.
1 Bar View Cottages,
Shore Road, Strangford,
County Down,
BT30 7NN
02844 881 227
space Seed: wild flowers
Seed: wild flower meadow mixture
Seed: wild harvested meadow &/or heathland
Plants: wild flowers
Orchard trees
Grow, collect and supply Northern Irish seed. Orchard established from Irish seed collections. Wild flowers. Workers co-op aimed at conserving biodiversity in Ireland primarily through growing and selling organically grown native wildflower plants and seed. Advisory and education service available.
Habitat Aid Ltd
Hookgate Cottage
South Brewham
Somerset   BA10 0LQ
01749 812355
Flora local accreditation logo Seed: wild flowers
Seed: wild flower meadow mixture
Plants: wild flowers
Plants: wetland & pond plants
Plants: grasses, sedges, rushes, ferns
Orchard trees
British native trees, plants and seeds. British heritage fruit trees and bushes Reseller of British native trees, plants and seeds. British heritage fruit trees and bushes. -Landscaping contract service. Through a 3rd party - Consultancy, botanical survey, landscape design and advisory
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