The Grazing Advice Partnership

The Grazing Advice Partnership (GAP) is a partnership of farmers, land-managers and organisations that are committed to promoting the benefits of grazing with the natural environment and our cultural heritage in mind. Flora locale with GAP regularly organises training days as part of the Flora locale Training Programme (see the current programme for grazing-related events) and supports local conservation grazing projects.

The Partnership:

  • has produced The Breed Profiles Handbook - a catalogue of Britain's native breeds, their management and use in conservation grazing; it also manages the Breeds Directory, with links to the website of many of the different breed organisations
  • runs an informative discussion forum (Nibblers) where anyone involved in conservating grazing can post queries or help others by responding to theirs (topics range from constructing cattle grids, to gorse management and handling specific breeds or stock types)
  • has a grazing costings tool
  • operates a 'finder' register for stock and graziers
  • operates a training apprenticeship scheme for conservation grazing (subject to funding - the current one is for 9-month placements)
  • organises training for 'lookers' and those involved/interested in conservation grazing.

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