Themes: Building and construction

A key source of information to assist with planning and integration of biodiversity into development is the web portal Biodiversity Planning Toolkit , developed by the Association of Local Government Ecologists . The Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management has also developed technical guidance for ecological survey and impact assessment that lay down standards that are expected in this area. Please also check out the Restoration Library Pages on Bats, Badgers, Amphibians and Reptiles and Birds for group and species specific guidance and the page on Roads and transport corridors for information on habitat mitigation, creation and management for transport infrastructure.

Flora locale training and other events

Creating new ponds for wildlifeWed 14 June 2017,Farndon, Cheshire
Pond creation and conservationWed 05 July 2017,Oxford, Oxfordshire

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Flora locale publications, guidance & documents on this website

Welsh wild plants for landscape and biodiversity. Guidelines for planting projects.   (Flora locale, 2009) Printed copies available (email info@floralocale.org)
Cynlluniau Amaeth-amgylchedd a Dolydd Byw Cymru Papur Trafod   Welsh wild plants for landscape and biodiversity. Seminar Report. Flora locale 2009
Green and brown roofs, green walls   Restoration Library Master Page
Green infrastructure   Restoration Library Master Page
Swift nest boxes   (Swift Conservation) Info on Swift nest boxes
Swift Bricks   (Swift Conservation) Info on creating nesting places for swifts in buildings using Swift Bricks
Sustainable drainage (SUDS) and created wetlands   Restoration Library Master Page
UK Green Building Council   Building and biodiversity portal and other resources relating to sustainable construction.

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Case Studies on Flora locale's website

Fofanny Water Treatment works, County AntrimEstablishment of heath vegetation on covered reservoir
Elsea Park, LincolnshireHabitat creation for new urban development

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Biodiversity Planning Toolkit (Association of Local Government Ecologists)
Planning and development in Scotland (Resources and links on Scottish Natural Heritage's website)

Biodiversity offsetting
Biodiversity Offsetting is a new tool devised to mitigate for habitat loss or degradation associated with development, and will replace or supplement existing arrangements for securing mitigation through the planning process. Developers will pay into a fund that will be used to pay for offsite habitat creation or improvements – the idea being that lots of developers’ contributions could be pooled to create larger and more effective schemes.

Biodiversity Offsetting (Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, PostNote 369, January 2011)
Offsetting nature? Habitat Banking and Biodiversity Offsets in the English Land UsePlanning System. (Green House, 2012)
Biodiversity Offsetting (Defra, 2012)

Other resources

Resources on mitigation and enhancement measures for bats in urban design and buildings on the Bat Conservation Trust website.

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