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UK National Ecosystem Assessment   A major analysis of the state of UK ecosystems, the benefits provided by the UK's natural heritage and options for the future.

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Herefordshire orchards studyEconomic, biodiversity, resource protection and social study

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The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) Website of the major international study, reports, developing policies, etc.
Guidance for policy and decision makers on using an ecosystems approach and valuing ecosystem services Includes links to current projects and the Ecosystems Knowledge Network for which you can sign up to receive regular news]
Ecosystem Services Community Scotland ESCom is an emerging initiative to support collaboration between science, policy and practice to better manage Scotland’s natural resources.

The Natural Capital of 3 Hagges Wood meadow A study by Eftec, a leading environmental economic consultancy, of the wider economic benefits of creating a new wood-meadow which clearly makes the case for similar investments in other small projects. (October 2015)

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