UK National Ecosystem Assessment

The UK National Ecosystem Assessment (UK NEA) is the first analysis of the UK’s natural environment in terms of the benefits it provides to society and continuing economic prosperity.  The Assessment examined the state of the UK's natural and semi-natural habitats and ecosystems with chapters covering: Mountains, moorlands and heaths; Semi-natural grasslands; Enclosed farmland; Woodlands; Freshwaters, openwaters, wetlands and floodplains; Urban; Coastal margins; and Marine. The NEA also examined the benefits of ecosystems: Regulating services, Provisioning services, Cultural services, Economic values, Health values and contribution to well-being, and the status and change in these services. Response options are identified. The NEA is part of a global initiative linked to The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) initiative and the Millenium Ecosystem Assessment.

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