Water vole habitat creation

County: Essex
Nearest town or settlement: Stanford-le-Hope
Contact details
Organisation: Thomson Habitats
Email: enquiries@thomsonhabitats.com
Tel: 01483 466066
Website: www.thomsonhabitats.com
Thomson Ecology
Project description

Water voles were found to be present on land which was soon to be developed as part of the new Thames Gateway container port. Because water voles are fully protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 it makes it an offence to harm or kill a water vole, or to damage or destroy water vole habitat.

For this reason, Thomson Habitats helped to move water vole populations from the site, and then create alternative habitat nearby.

The project involved reprofiling 750m of an existing ditch to make it ideal habitat for the water voles including making plenty of meanders with both deeper and shallower areas with lots of bankside vegetation.

Active water vole burrows have since been observed on the ditch sides, and there have been several sightings of these shy creatures.

For further details on how we created the habitat, please see our website.

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