Wildflowers of Mann Project

County: Isle of Man
Nearest town or settlement: Douglas
Contact details
Contact name: Andree Dubbeldam
Organisation: Manx Wildlife Trust
Email: andree@manxwt.org.uk
Tel: 07624 434251
Website: Wildflowers of Mann on Isle of Mann wildlife trust website
Department of Infrastucture, Department of Environment Food and Agriculture
Project description

Since 2000 the Project has done whatever it can to promote and protect native flora of the Isle of Man.
We have written a best selling (on the Island) book, set up a demonstration wildlife garden, set up and run a wildflower nursery growing over 200 native wildflowers, started an atlas flora survey of the Island, initiated a local pond restoration campaign, created an ancient woodland inventory for the Island, started a rare species action plan to help save some of the Island's most endangered flora and generally helped people manage, restore or create new meadows, woodlands, ponds and wetlands across the Island.
Coming up next we hope to create the Island's first forest. There is no end to our wildflower ambition.

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