Woodland ground flora in new and established woods

Training Programme

Red campion ® Jenny Bailey
Time/date of training: 10am-4pm, Mon 22 May 2017

Location: Otley, West Yorkshire

Facilitator: Gordon Haycock

Organisation: Haycock and Jay Associates

Web site: http://www.haycockandjay.co.uk/

Course description:

An introductory day looking at woodland ground flora, relating this to methods of ground flora introduction in developing plantations. The morning will be spent in the mature woodlands of Chevin Forest Park LNR, identifying plants and understanding the ecology of ground flora species. This will be followed by an inspection of a nearby plantation, with the potential to support woodland ground flora, and discussion of the techniques for wild flower introduction in both urban and rural locations. We will explore possible pitfalls, seed collection and propagation tips and large-scale methods of introduction, to highlight best practice for introducing ground flora in different circumstances.

Course status: open for bookings

Fee: £100.00 / £75.00   Concessions for volunteers and employees with parish councils and registered charities and those not economically active

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