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Wild Bulb Trade

Wild bulbs collected from the hillsides of Turkey and Georgia have been finding their way into gardens in Britain and other parts of Europe.
Hillsides in Turkey once covered in wild flowers are now desolate as a result of this international trade in wild bulbs. Buying wild-collected bulbs for your garden threatens the very existence of these flower species in their natural habitat.
Over the past years, tens of millions of wild-collected bulbs have entered the flower trade from Turkey, via Holland. Often these bulbs have been mislabelled as propagated and have been sometimes been labelled 'Grown in Holland.'
Bulb species that have been collected from the wild include familiar groups, such as snowdrops, cyclamen, anemones and aconites.
Most profit from the bulb trade are made by the exporters in Turkey and in Holland. Villagers who collect the bulbs may receive as little as

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