Hambleton Black poplar scheme, N Yorks

Black poplar pollards (in Worcestershire)
County: North Yorkshire
Nearest town or settlement: Northallerton
Contact details
Website: Species action plan for black poplar; a download document from Hambleton District Council
Project description

The project aims to ensure the continuance of Black Poplars as a feature of the Hambleton landscape. The project has involved mapping individuals and developing stocks from cuttings before planting out the new trees.

2005 update
Only two genuine Populus nigra betulifolia trees have been located in Hambleton District; the other 'candidates' proved to be hybrids. Small Black poplar populations have been found in Darlington and Middlesbrough but are vulnerable, one being felled because of suspected disease, and another coming down in a gale. A small number of young Black Poplars were planted in the last two springs (originating from tree cuttings in Middlesbrough); these are generally doing well, although one was destroyed during grass cutting. Similar cuttings are still under nursery-type care and may be available for planting out in due course.

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