The Northumberland Whin grasslands

County: Northumberland
Contact details
Organisation: Northumberland Wildlife Trust
Email: mail@northwt.org.uk
Tel: 0191 284 6884
Website: Rare Northumberland grasslands under threat on BBC Radio Tyne website and Whin grassland project on the Northumberland Wildlife trust
Northumberland Wildife Tust, English Nature
Project description

The project involved surveying Northumberland Whin Grassland sites and providing support to landowners (e.g. grazing with native breeds and scrub clearance). Seed collection for reintroducing species to flower-poor partially improved grasslands is also undertaken. Whin grasslands are unique to the Whin escarpment, where the eroding basalt rock creates a thin soil which supports many species including 15 species only found here.
Since October 2009 restoration has focused on clearing encroahing gorse and bracken. The Wildlife trust is working with landowners and Flexigraze (a Nort Eastern grazing intiative) to establish an ongoing management system of the gorse and bracken by conservation grazing with soay sheep and goats. The Northumberland Wilidfe trust has produced a video of this project which can be viewed at Video of Whin grassland project on Northumberland Wildlife trust website
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