Chadkirk Country Estate meadow creation, Greater Manchester

Landlife's Danish soil inversion plough at Chadkirk country estate ® Landlife
County: Greater Manchester
Nearest town or settlement: Stockport
Contact details
Contact name: Henry Campbell-Ricketts
Organisation: Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council
Email: h.campbell-ricketts@stockport.gov.uk
Tel: 0161 474 4552
Website: Chadkirk chapel and country estate website
Project description
We used a ploughing technique that buries the enriched topsoil to a depth of roughly 60 centimetres, bringing the less fertile subsoil to the surface; see Landlife's Danish plough in the project photo. This technique was pioneered in the UK by Landlife and used to great effect on a number of sites. The subsoil surface presented a highly suitable substrate for the direct sowing of a suitable mix of wild flower seeds, obtained from a supplier who met the Flora locale Code of Practice for collectors, growers and suppliers of native flora. The project was funded by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council. As the meadow becomes established it is hoped to harvest seed for further projects within the Borough.

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