Elsea Park, Lincolnshire

The Elsea Park Community Trust's Groundsman prepares to chain harrow Area 1 prior to seeding
County: Lincolnshire
Nearest town or settlement: Bourne
Contact details
Organisation: Elsea Park Community Trust
Website: http://www.elseapark.co.uk/nature-notes/
Project description

The project forms part of a new housing development (Elsea Park) near to a woodland SSSI. English Nature required that a buffer area be created including an area of herb rich grassland on former set-aside land. One hectare has been sown with a local wildflower seed mixture provided by "Growing Wild" of Boston, each year in 2004/5/6. Ponds and hedgerows have also been created.

The Elsea Park Trust was established to manage and oversee the community and environmental areas and facilities of the development. The Trust is responsible for some of the obligations which might otherwise been the remit of the local District Council. Once all development has been completed and the Trust has formally adopted all public open spaces, the Trust will control and manage such space and any facilities or assets owned by the members of The Trust.

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