Black poplars in Derbyshire

Black poplar pollards (in Worcestershire)
County: Derbyshire
Nearest town or settlement: Derby
Contact details
Organisation: Derbyshire Wildlife Trust
Email: enquiries@derbyshirewt.co.uk
Tel: 01773 881188
Website: Derbyshire Wildlife Trust
Green Health Project, Funded by Seed, Wren and English Nature
Project description

In 2002, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust (DWT) undertook a survey of the black poplar in Derbyshire in order to establish its distribution and population. This identified 234 native trees in the county, of which 46 were female. The survey also highlighted an ageing population and as self-propagation of the black poplar is rare, this led to a programme of propagation work where over 300 cuttings were taken from native trees and propagated by the Green Health Partnership on behalf of DWT. These cuttings were then planted out close to their parent trees as a means to guarantee their continuity in the landscape for future generations. Further work on this programme has been continued.

Monitoring work on the health of the cuttings is being undertaken and a new batch of cuttings will be taken, grown on by Green Health Project, to ensure local provenance trees are available in the county.

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