Charnwood local provenance seed project, West Midlands

Local acorns
County: Leicestershire Derbyshire Staffordshire
Nearest town or settlement: Loughborough
Contact details
Organisation: Charnwood Borough Council/ The National Forest Company
Website: Project page for local origin seed on Charnwood Borough Council website
The National Forest Company, Charnwood Borough Council, The Forestry Commission, English Nature, The Environment Agency, Staffordshire County Council, Leicestershire County Council
Project description

The National Forest Company and Charnwood Borough Council established the Local Provenance Seed Project in April 2002 as a pioneering national initiative designed to meet the growing demand for local provenance stock.

Main Purposes

  • Research sources of local provenance seed in the National Forest
  • Facilitate collection of National Forest seed by professional seed collection companies and nurseries
  • Promote the growing on of National Forest seed as local provenance stock by commercial nurseries so that large quantities are available in local planting schemes.

Achievements so far:

  • Seed Collections were carried out in the National Forest in the autumn of 2002 and 2003
  • Six commercial nurseries have agreed to grow on National Forest Seed as local provenance stock
  • The first stock grown-on from seed collected in the National Forest through the Local Provenance Seed Project became available in winter 2003/04.

The project was hosted by Charnwood Borough Council until 2009 when the day to day responsibility for running the project was transferred to the Sherwood Forest Trust.
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