Moortrees, Devon

County: Devon
Nearest town or settlement: Exeter, Plymouth, Ashburton, Okehampton
Contact details
Contact name: Adam Griffin
Organisation: Moor Trees
Email: info@moortrees.org
Tel: 0845 4569803
Website: www.moortrees.org
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Project description

Established in 1999, Moor Trees is a Devon-based charity dedicated to recreating native woodland across Dartmoor and south Devon, and increasingly helping projects around the Tamar valley and beyond.

We aim to restore native broadleaf woodland,by growing trees from locally collected seed in our community tree nurseries, and planting them as new woodland on private and public land.

Each year we collect tens of thousands of local tree seed to grow in our community tree nurseries. These trees are provided free of charge for woodland planting and restoration schemes.

We provide relevant information regarding grant applications and woodland design, and free planting by our volunteer groups.

Our Aims:

  • plant and allow woodland to regenerate naturally
  • promote the value of a natural forest ecosystem
  • encourage people to actively participate in ecological restoration

More information is available via our website including updates on planting and opportunites for volunteering.

All our trees are grown organically in our community tree nurseries from seed collected in local Ancient woodlands. We provide free trees to planting schemes in the region that are for wildlife conservation only. All schemes are of locally native broadleaves protected for at least 20 years Any other stock we require is ideally sourced from as local as possible. No non-uk origin stock is ever used in our schemes.

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