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Project planning checklist for habitat creation projects

Establish/identify an expert team
This will vary in size and complexity, depending on the nature of the site and project.
For simple projects just seek appropriate advice.
Input from an ecologist or someone else who has knowledge of
wild-plant communities will be the minimum requirement.

Identify realistic objectives for the project
taking into account future land use, management and the available budget for the works and ongoing maintenance.

Produce a plan of the site
showing what is envisaged for each area: specify objectives and expected outcomes.

Get the proposals agreed 
Consult people and organisations who have an interest in or who use the site, especially local residents.

Produce a list and timetable of tasks

including appropriate risk assessments. Remember to include essential early-years management.

Prepare specifications for works and materials
For planting stock specify species, quantities, country or region of wild or native origin, delivery timetable.

Identify suppliers and contractors

Obtain cost estimates
A formal tendering process may be a requirement for large projects. These may also be covered by EU rules on procurement.

Select successful contractors and suppliers and issue orders for works to start
When choosing a successful contractor or supplier remember that the lowest price may not
necessarily guarantee the best job or the most suitable planting stock.

Proceed with the scheme
Ensure works are supervised and specifications complied with - For large projects employ an ecological clerk of works to supervise contractors and audit material/planting stock.

Monitor progress and implement maintenance
Once the works and planting have been completed it is vital to monitor how
the site develops over the first few years and to issue instructions for maintenance (e.g. topping, grazing, renewal of damaged trees or fencing) so that action can be taken to address any problems.

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