Site audit: Constraints related to the site

Constraints that need to be identified  include:

  • Presence of heritage features (wildlife, landscape, historic, archaeology)
  • Public attitudes to, and use and access of the site.
  • Physical site constraints (e.g. wetness, soil character, contamination)
  • Installations: pipelines, cables
  • Access, or lack of, for machinery
  • Main river adjacent (land drainage consent will be required to carry out works, including tree planting, 8m or less from a main river)
  • Owner’s requirements, or conditions imposed by the local planning authority (e.g. for a legal agreement with a developer).

Other considerations:

  • Available budget (for establishment and aftercare)
  • Local development plans (is the site earmarked for future development?)
  • Long term site management: logistics, feasibility and resources (who will be responsible?)
  • Current and future site ownership.


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