Is planting necessary?

Natural regeneration or assisted natural regeneration may be an option - this should be considered, especially for:
  • New woodland on the edge of existing woodland or hedgerows
  • Ponds and wetlands
  • New grasslands adjacent to existing species-rich grasslands on sites with skeletal soils (e.g. on chalk or limestone)
  • Semi-improved grassland or neglected grassland where a residual seed bank is considered to be present
  • Habitat restoration where natural succession is being reversed (e.g. after scrub clearance on chalk grassland or on lowland heath) 
Refer to the 'Planting and Stock' area of the Restoration Library and to specific habitat sections for further information.
If you intend to collect seed from the wild please refer to Flora locale’s Code of Practice for suppliers and the Botanical Society of the British Isles Code of Conduct.
Useful information on collecting and propagating seed from many plant species (wild and cultivated) is also available on The Seed Site.


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