Thatcham allotment meadow

County: Berkshire
Nearest town or settlement: Thatcham
Contact details
Contact name: Sue Everett
Email: suejeverett@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.meadowmaker.me.uk
Thatcham Town Council (Site management supervised by West Berkshire Council and undertaken by Waterers Landscape plc)
Project description
Amenity grassland sown on previous allotment land was sprayed with weedkiller (strips treated) and small areas rotovated. These were subsequently oversown with a wild flower-grass meadow mixture. Mowing management was changed to promote establishment of the meadow flowers. The project demonstrated how easy it is to achieve floristic enhancement of flower-poor grassland on an enriched site although keeping contractors to the agreed mowing regime proved challenging. A lesson learned was that contractors will attempt to shave costs by avoiding agreed mowing away from high profile locations, e.g. on housing estates where people complain if the grass isn't cut.The project was undertaken in 2004 but owing to pressures on allotment space the land had to be reclaimed for allotment use in 2009.

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