Fylingdales fire site regeneration project, N. Yorks.

County: North Yorkshire
Nearest town or settlement: Ravenscar
Contact details
Contact name: Rachel Pickering
Email: r.pickering@northyorkmoors-npa.gov.uk
Tel: 01439 770657
Website: Aerial survey of Fylingdales moor fire site on English Heritage website
Project description

Following a severe heath fire on 600 acres of moorland in September 2003 the project objectives were:

  • rapid regeneration of the burnt moorland to prevent further soil erosion
  • establish appropriate moorland vegetation as close to the pre-burn vegetation as possible
  • use local seed sources where possible
  • survey and conserve archaeological features and prevent further damage
  • monitor to ensure all these objectives are met

Using seed collected and sourced from nearby moors, and Agrostis castellana (a cultivar suited to very acid soils) as a ‘nurse grass’ volunteers and NYMNP staff took part in the practical restoration work.

The 2003 fire on Fylingdales Moor highlighted how devastating wildfires can be, as it burnt the vegetation and top layer of soils from a 250 ha area of SSSI moorland. After the £135,000 partnership restoration project, managed by the Authority, the moor is recovering well and has largely revegetated, protecting the thousands of archaeological features which where uncovered by the fire. A report on the archaeology is available from the National Park Authority.

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