Lowland heath creation at Hounslow Heath LNR

County: Middlesex
Nearest town or settlement: Hounslow
Contact details
Email: hounslow.info@carillionservices.co.uk
Tel: 0845 456 2796
Website: Hounslow Heath information on Hounslow Council website
Project description

This is a 17-year project to create and maintain a mosaic of heathland and acid grassland habitats in the western half of Hounslow Heath Local Nature Reserve, and to increase gradually the heathland plant cover from 0.5 hecares to more than 5 hectares.

This successful heathland operation project forms a key part of the London Borough of Hounslow’s Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) and is now a demonstration site for the London Heathland BAP. Expansion of the heathland through re-seeding and planting locally-sourced cuttings has led to re-colonisation by a wide range of invertebrates, reptiles and heathland birds.

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