Cumbria: Wealth of wildlife

County: Cumbria
Nearest town or settlement: Penrith
Contact details
Organisation: Cumbria WIldlife Trust
Website: Wealth of wildlife
Project description

The project focussed initially on five spotlight projects covering two habitats, upland woodland and haymeadows, and two species, bats and natterjack toads. The fifth project is called welcome home wildlife, it aims to help create 20 wildlife friendly gardens around Cumbria, this will showcase how to attract different types of wildlife into a variety of garden types. Each of the spotlight projects has opportunities for people to get involved in conservation work, the type of work varies from project to project, but includes opportunities like training to become a bat worker, to planting trees and carrying out habitat recreation work around the county.

The hay meadow and lowland pasture sub-project aims to restore or re-create species-rich northern hay meadow and lowland pasture using locally collected seed. Iidentifying donor sites with a sward of the required quality is one of the key challenges facing the project.

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