Monmouthshire meadows group/Grwyp Dolydd Sir Fynwy

County: Monmouthshire/Sir Fynwy
Nearest town or settlement: Monmouth/Chepstow/Abergavenny
Contact details
Organisation: Monmouthshire Meadows Group
Email: monmouthmeadows@aol.co.uk
Website: www.monmouthshiremeadows.co.uk
Private landowners/Tirfeddianwyr preifat, Wye Valley AONB/AHNE Dyffryn Gwy, Gwent Wildlife Trust/Ymddiriedolaeth Bywyd Gwyllt Gsent, Parish Grasslands Project/Prosiect Glaswelltir y Plwyf, Monmouthsire Local Biodiversity Partnership/Partneriaeth Biomrywiaeth Lleol Sir Fynway, Monmouthshire County Council/Cyngor Sir Fynwy, Countryside Council for Wales/Cyngor Cefn Gwlad Cymru, Local schools/Ysgolion lleol, PONT (Grazing Animals Project)/PONT (Prosiect Pori Anifeliaid), Graziers/Porfawyr, Contractors/Contractwyr, Forestry Commission Wales/Comisiwn Coedwigaeth Cymru
Project description

This project aims to help owners conserve their meadows. There are now more than 80 members managing approximately 200 hectares of meadows.
The group undertakes monitoring, locates new sites and organises management including mowing, baling and removing hay using a combination of alpine tractor and allen scythe. Grazing is undertaken using members' Dexter cattle, sheep and Exmoor ponies. Around 200 ha of local meadows have been surveyed. Members are also trained to recognise plants. Species-rich grassland has also been created adjacent to existing sites as this project is a partner in the Making Meadows Project (a new project with sites in Trellech School, a road verge in Penallt and a possible site in Llanishen). The group uses local contractors to operate machinery, produces hay and haylage for commercial sale and has created a communal market for sale of Dexter beef and Berkshire pork. Open days bring in tourists to spend money locally. Local communities have also benefited from involvement in projects on their doorstep, such as restoring a wild daffodil field.

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