Our Green Space

County: Cumbria
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Organisation: Friends of the Lake District
Website: Our Green Space case study on Friends of the Lake District website
VAC, CCC and CALC. Supported by DEFRA's Rural, Social and Communities Programme.
Project description

The Our Green Space project has enabled five Cumbrian communities in Asby, Barrow-in-Furness, Burgh by Sands, Newbiggin (Penrith) and Wasdale to undertake a mixture of physical improvements, as well as education and celebratory events centred around their local green spaces. It also provided training and resources to many other communities across the county about how to protect and care for their town and village greens.

A booklet has been published that can be downloaded from the website. This gives case studies from the project and guidance for people wanting to learn how to protect, care for and use their urban and village green spaces better.

The aim of the project was to support rural communities in Cumbria to better manage, enhance and celebrate the open green spaces in or near their villages through building local capacity via awareness-raising, training and development and provision of information resources. The project focused on the following objectives.

AWARENESS RAISING: Rural communities are now aware of the opportunities, information, support and training available to them to build their capacity to deal with local open green space issues.

CAPACITY BUILDING: Rural communities now have greater skills, knowledge, experience, confidence and network contacts to better manage, enhance and celebrate their open green spaces. Rural remote parishes and communities were be targeted.

SUPPORT: Rural parishes and communities received medium-term (for the project’s length) officer support and longer-term direction to enable them to better deal with their open green spaces issues. These communities also had the opportunity to give and receive support to each other and others through the establishment of Rural Green Advocates Networks.

ACCESS TO FUNDING: rural communities had improved access to funding sources for open green space enhancement including direct access to FLD’s Environmental Improvement Grants scheme.

RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT: in-depth case studies on pro-active community work with the environment have been published in the project booklet this is now available as a learning resource for rural communities.

PARTNERSHIP BUILDING: parishes, communities and organisations involved in the project have established and strengthened partnerships. Relationships will also have been formed with relevant organisations such as the National Park Authorities, Flora Locale and local enterprises.

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